Get Motivated to Get to the Gym!

I wasn’t always a personal trainer. I wasn’t always a self-proclaimed gym rat. It took motivation and dedication to get me to where I am today. And even now, I’m not a bodybuilder, I’m not a fitness model; I’m a woman who is in good shape with room for improvement.

Now, as a personal trainer, it’s my responsibility to maintain a certain level of fitness for myself to continue to inspire my current clients, and to make a great impression on potential new clients. For me, that’s almost motivation in itself to get my ass to the gym. In the same breath, I’m running a business by myself, maintaining a home for my boyfriend, our pooch, and myself, and continue to nourish and sustain important relationships with family and friends. Some days, I just feel like I don’t have the time or energy to get myself to the gym.

Read on to discover some of the ways I got myself into the gym in the first place, and ways I keep myself there now.

  1. Getting Started: Short term goals

This is a method I still use, even though I don’t need as much motivation to get to the gym as I used to.  My boyfriend refers to it as my “cycle.” Every month, we have events we want to look good for, even if it’s as small as going to dinner with your best friends. We want to wear something cute, and if we don’t want picture taken, trust me, our friends will. Use these little outings as motivation to get to the gym, to fit into that outfit and be the flawless queen you are. A date, a wedding, a birthday, any small occasion can be your motivation.

  1.  Schedule your gym time in your calendar

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it works. If you put your gym time in your calendar, you will go! If the time is allotted in your calendar, you won’t have to make time, you’ll have time. Don’t think of it as a meeting you can postpone, it’s a mandatory meeting with yourself! Keywords: with yourself. It’s so common in our culture for people to overload themselves with work and social life, and forget about self care. But that brings me to my next point….

  1.  Remember who you’re doing this for….YOU

You have a commitment to yourself, not to anyone else. Who are you doing this for? YOU. Sure, our bodies need exercise to stay healthy and in shape, but the side effects are endless. The biggest, most important side effect? Self-efficacy. This will get you from goal to goal by looking to yourself for guidance and inner strength. We’ll talk more about this later, though.

These aren’t tricks to get you to the gym, these are ideas to get your motivated. You can’t trick yourself into going to the gym, you have to be ready for change. Once you know you’re ready, that’s when you need to put these tips (among others) to work.

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