Satisfy Your Cravings

My clients often ask me what to eat when they’re craving, say, something sweet or something salty. What’s a good alternative when you really want to eat a pint of ice cream? The first thing I tell them is that they’re not alone. I’ve previously discussed my huge sweet tooth; I fall victim to cravings too! The first thing to realize is that you can have chocolate. You can have your salty fix Just remember to have it in moderation. Read on for some alternatives and healthy snacks that will satiate those cravings.

For your Sweet Tooth:

  • Apple with All Natural Almond Butter

This is one of my favorite snacks. Almond butter has a little more sweetness to it than peanut butter, and (some) apples are a sweet snack by themselves. What you’re getting here is a naturally sweetened snack without the sugary side effects. Look for brands like Justin’s when shopping for a good almond butter. You want to look at the ingredients and find, simply, “almonds and oil.” If there are any additional ingredients, make sure you know what they are and they’re words you can pronounce.

  • Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites

These are great because you’re actually getting the chocolate you’re craving, but in moderate amounts with a banana to boot! Just melt some chocolate (preferably dark. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for you), slice a banana, and dip! Then, pop your chocolate covered bananas in the freezer for a few hours.

  • Smoothie

Just combine your favorite berries, some almond milk, and ice and blend in a blender! It’s quick and delicious. You can get creative with this one by adding nut butters, plant-based protein powders, and vegetables!

  • Fresh Fruit

Does it get any easier than this? No! There is enough natural sugar in fresh fruit to satiate your sweet tooth. Warning: it likely won’t curb your chocolate craving.

For the Salty Days:

  • Chocolate Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Get some pretzel rods, dip them in the chocolate pudding of your choice, and freeze until hardened! Easy and delicious.

  • Edamame with Sea Salt

You can buy frozen edamame at your grocery store. It’s pretty inexpensive and full of nutritious value. Add some sea salt to get that salt your craving in a healthy snack!

  • Crumbled Feta with Olive Oil

Cheese may not be the healthiest choice, but when had in moderation, go for it! A little bit of light olive oil and pepper makes this a full blown snack.

  • Seeds

Pumpkin, sunflower…the possibilities are endless. Prepackaged seeds are often saturated in salt, so check the sodium levels. While, yes, we are looking for salty snacks, we aren’t looking to bloat the button off our pants!

Try these healthier snacks next time you’re looking to satiate a craving. Comment if you have any other suggestions!

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