Well + Good Fitness Biathlon

Last weekend, I participated in the 4th annual Fitness Biathlon thanks to Well + Good. I had tried to get involved with this awesome day for the previous three years, but was never able to due to schedule conflicts, but I’ll tell you this much; I will forever clear my schedule for this event, so long as it lives.

The day was exactly as I expected; women motivating women, lots of sweat, lots of laughs, lots of swag. Every participant chooses a “track” when reserving their spot. Each track contains two studios, and this year there were more studios than ever to choose from. The best part is that these are studios that will typically run you a high bill for a class, but the entire day costs $45! I went for a lively yoga class at Laughing Lotus followed by a super cheerful HIIT class at Uplift Studios.

My day started a little bit stressful. I was under the impression I could take the 33rd St. PATH almost directly to my first studio, until the boyfriend reminded me that there is no 33rd St. PATH train on the weekends. I have some travel anxiety (especially when traveling alone and don’t know my way), so I immediately went into panic mode. Change of plans=nutty Liana. I ended up arriving at Laughing Lotus 45 minutes early because I’m a lunatic. As I’m not quite the yogi as others in the greater NYC area are these days, I’m not going to deny that I was a little nervous before my yoga class. However, the lobby of the studio is stocked with glitter shakers and temporary tattoos to help you embrace your inner goddess.  as soon as instructor Jazmin Tejada put Rihanna on the stereo & told us to follow her instructions, but go with our own flow, I knew I was in for some fun. This class was fast paced and upbeat, but I never felt like I had to “keep up.” I moved through the flow at my own breathing pace and did what my body was capable of (which is more than I thought it was!). At the end of the class, Jazmin left us with the advice of being adaptable and being able to go with the flow, a lesson I needed to hear after my self-inflicted stressful morning.

Officially feeling calmer on the inside, and vibrating with happiness on the outside, we began our trek (around the corner) to Uplift Studios. I had never been to this studio before, but I can say I’ve found what I’ve been searching for in a studio! Small, neat, and full of smiling women, I knew I was in the right place. Little did I know, I was in for the sweat of a lifetime with Head Instructor, Kat, a fiery redhead with an innocent smile! She put us through lots of cardio, lots of strength, and some partner work to boot.  With moves set to the perfect pop setlist, my muscles were burning, I was sweating more than I knew I could, but I still found myself smiling. Needless to say, I’ll be returning!

swag-bagAt the end of class, we were all given our swag bags, courtesy of Sweaty Betty. I waited until I got home to go through my bag, and damn was I surprised by how much loot we got! Goodies from VegaSweaty BettyWell Well, and more. A week later, and I still have yet to try everything I was given!

All in all, the Fitness Biathlon raised almost $30,000 toward the Young Survival Coalition, introduced women of NYC to new studios, and brought women together not only for a cause, but to push themselves to find new limits! Check out pictures on Instagram under #FitnessBiathlon so you can get super jealous and start thinking about next year’s event.

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