HIIT workouts are great for so many reasons. My favorite reason being the minimal equipment, space, and time needed to get in a great heart-rate raising workout. I love doing HIIT workouts with my paired clients. When you have someone doing the exercises next to you while you’re sweating and want to quit, the little competitive edge inside of you kicks it up a notch to beat your partner! But trust me, there are no losers. HIIT workouts can be customized to your fitness level!

Here’s a beginner to intermediate HIIT circuit to try today!

Equipment needed:

  • Box or step, about shin to knee height (depending on level, the higher the harder)
  • 5-10 lb dumbbells

Yes, that’s it!

Rules: 30s work, 15s rest, 1m rest between circuits

Circuit 1

  • incline mountain climbers (hands on box)
  • lateral box hops (weights in hands)
  • incline push ups (hands on box)

Circuit 2

  • step up to curtsy lunge on left leg (weights in hands by your side)
  • step up to curtsy lunge on right leg
  • box jump squats (no weight)

Circuit 3

  • lateral shuffle (weights in hands held at chest level, get low on this!)
  • walking lunges (weights in hands by your side)
  • inchworms


I always remind my clients to breathe and keep their core tight during HIIT exercises to make them more efficient. Also, make sure to move quickly but controlled through each exercise. Quality over quantity. Start at the pace you feel most comfortable at!

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