Stay Fit & Well This Fall

Bye bye bikinis, hello oversized sweaters. Fall is here! ‘Tis the season for comfort food and staying inside. Right? Wrong! Admittedly, I am not a fan of fall, so I do my best to pretend it’s still summer take advantage of the moderate temperatures and delicious fall vegetables to keep my mood boosted! Here are some tips to make your fall a great one!

Take your workouts outdoors
Like I said, the temperature is (almost always) moderate and rainy days are lacking. The sun isn’t as strong, so you can worry a little less about those nasty tanlines. Go outside for a run. Find a park and bring your yoga mat and get in a floor routine. Get out of town and hike a trail that boasts beautiful autumn views. Breathing in that crisp autumn air is good for the soul!

Enjoy autumnal vegetables
The flavors of fall are undeniably delicious. We’ve got apples and pumpkins and squash, oh my! It’s the season for picking your fruits and veggies, take advantage! Beyond the benefits of just being outside, you also get to hand pick the heartiest looking produce you can find. Let’s save those full-of-fat comfort foods for the holidays (I’m looking at you, Thanksgiving pies). Roasting your veggies is the easiest of many ways to enjoy the flavors without the added calories. Head to the recipes page to find some easy options season!

Take your vitamins
Unfortunately, we’re rolling into cold & flu season. The best way to keep yourself healthy is to make sure you’re getting enough vitamins! We all know the immune system boosting benefits of Vitamin C, but don’t forget about Vitamin D! Vitamin D will not only keep you healthy, but it will help to keep your mood up as the days get shorter. In the summer, we get our Vitamin D from the sun, so it’s okay to supplement in the colder seasons! Say goodbye to SADD! A good probiotic should also always be in stock to keep your gut healthy, which, in turn, will keep your body healthy! A happy gut is a happy body!

Its fooTball season, not fooDbowl season!
I don’t know where Americans got the idea that football means fried foods, but it does. Not that I never indulge, but you can’t spend every Sunday throwing back beer and wings and fries and dips and…… Going to a party? Bring a veggie platter. Trust me, people will be reaching for them as a healthy alternative! If you’re feeling creative, think of healthy twists on typically unhealthy snacks; turkey meatballs, baked sweet potato fries, etc. Your team isn’t playing until later? Get your buddies together for a pickup game of tag football!

There are plenty more ways to stay healthy and fit this fall, I’m just skimming the top to keep you motivated! Take these ideas into the winter (before the blizzards roll in!), and it will be summer again before we know it!

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