Getting On Track–and Staying There

As a fitness professional, I’ve heard every excuse in the book. Whether it be an excuse about what someone’s eaten or why they didn’t get a work out in, I’m hearing something on the reg! And listen, I get it, sometimes the motivation just straight up isn’t there, or it’s that-time-of-the-month and working out sounds more like torture than a healthy event. We all have “things” and shit happens, and that’s fine. But don’t let the “things” knock you down and out of the game. I have a few super simple ways to keep yourself on track and make your health and fitness goals easier to achieve!


IMG_9215Writing out an official schedule for your week is a great way to not just “find time” to get in some healthy habits. With a schedule, you create time to get in your workout or meal prep. You’ll have an appointment with yourself, and, barring any emergencies, why would you miss an appointment with the most valuable person in your life? That brings me to my next point….





It’s so hard to put yourself first, especially when you have children, which a lot of my clients do! I always try to remind them of a few things:

  1. Lead by example; show your kids how important a healthy lifestyle is. They copy everything you do, so if you want them to grow up healthy & strong, you should show them how it’s done.
  2. Your kids depend on you. You cannot let yourself go and put yourself in high risk health situations because you’re “putting your kids first.” You can’t do that if you’re not well enough to. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, and that can be changed with some healthy meals and a few hours of exercise per week.


Chicken Meal Prep.jpgOkay listen, I’m not a huge fan of meal prepping for macros or for weight loss; it can be tedious and meals can be boring. But it’s important for a busy person to do it anyway. I preach practical living, and this isn’t practical for everyone For example, I’m home for a large portion of the middle of the day while my clients are at their jobs, I work early mornings and late nights. Meal prep doesn’t make all that much sense for me when I can cook my meals as they come. But for my mommies and daddies and students and 9-5ers; chances are, you’re gonna want to meal prep! When the kids are running late to school, making you run late to work, how easy to just grab the breakfast and lunch you already made, and head out the door? No reason to stop for a bagel when your breakfast is already ready!


IMG_4224I know this sounds insanely superficial, but I find that when I’m comfortable and confident in my new or favorite workout gear, I want to hit the gym and show it off; not necessarily to anyone else, but just to myself in the mirror. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t flaunt want you got! And please, go ahead and take that mirror selfie when you’re feeling yourself…who cares who’s watching?




File_001I’ve never had a client feel excited to take that day-one picture. Who is? You’re feeling your worst, and you hired a personal trainer for a reason. I really try to push for it, though, because when you’re down a few inches and you can’t “see” a difference (even though the numbers don’t lie!), take a progress pic and take a look side by side. The change is real. You’ll be happy you took that day-one picture!


Go ahead and give these ideas a try. It’s a great place to start your journey. Write down everything that goes on in your day so you can see where you’re getting tripped up. If something isn’t working, fix it! Talk to your trainer (or
a trainer–every gym has them, and you don’t have to hire them to ask a question; you can even email me!) and get some guidance on what changes you can make to stay on track!

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